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College-Ruled Universe College-Ruled Universe

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Overall, it is a great game. The music is well chosen and not distracting. The gameplay is fun and addictive, but I do have some issues with the graphics, perhaps it's just me.

I find the ship is a little static (not much animation) but I don't really mind.
The background is a little distracting though, with the fast flying asteroids, sometimes I confuse that from the actual enemies, end up firing a few rounds at it (not much penalty though). Perhaps change the color of the animated asteroids to something lighter? Then again, it's just me... maybe.

Another issue I came across is the lack of warnings.
Right before fighting the bosses, there are these -stalagmites?- that came in without warning. During the first encounter, I thought they could be shot, and tried but died after colliding into them. Second time, I found out there's a little gap that you can fly though to avoid, but that gap closes after the stalagmites reach the midway point of the screen. It punishes players that weren't daring or fast enough to move forward. I suggest editing the behavior of the stalagmites so that it gives a second chance to players who missed the first gap. At least their death is more justified.

The boss battle... the only thing I hate about it is the sudden appearance from the back. It's cheap and I felt that it was unfair that I should die to that. There is no warning whatsoever that the boss was coming from the back. The only visual warning that I had was the boss flying at the background, and he disappears to the right of the screen, which makes me automatically assumes that he will reappear from the right. Change that.

I suggest giving some warning or hints of something that can potentially kill players from behind, this way, players will feel that it is fair to die to the boss if they did not heed the warnings.

Overall, a well done game (especially since it's a demo). Interesting concept with the gun and shield, since many shoot-em-up games have you dodging the bullets or projectiles.

I'm not beating down on the game whatsoever, just giving an honest opinion.

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Indestruc2Tank Indestruc2Tank

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It is much more better than the first! Nice story too, although its quite challenging but that's where the fun is. Good o' destruction never bores me :D

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Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Woah! I can only say WOAH!
One of the best games I played on Newgrounds. This game truly deserve 1st place in everything :D
Fun and addictive. I played for an hour and I didn't even notice.

By the way, I accidentally clicked nuke bomb the moment I hit the banana and it was epic! I hit 1500++ ft high and traveled nearly 3000ft in distance from that explosion.

You deserve a 10 for gameplay and graphics!

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Destroy All Zombies 3.5.2 Destroy All Zombies 3.5.2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Agreed with ViceO

I totally agree with ViceO and IKanzAnimate

1) The "Play Again" System. Please don't resurrect the players back to the start of the round with everything resetted EXCEPT the ammo. It's like originally I had 500 machinegun ammo, I spent nearly 300++ ammo on the boss and his little minions, some of them hitting the trees. (I got hit by a fireball when I was behind a tree. I think that this is totally unfair as my bullets don't penetrate through the trees, why should theirs?) I have to restart the round with only 100++ ammo of my machinegun left. It's really dumb if I were going to spend this 100++ ammo on the same amount of minions which I require 300++

2) The Healthpacks. I noticed very little healthpaks are dropping at round 4-1 to 4-3. I manage to go to round 4-3 but with like red health. Another hit and I've to restart at round 4-1 with the same amount of bullets I have before I die.

3) The Reload System. I HATE the reload system. I don't mind clicking to reload but at least put BIG block letters on top of my screen telling me to RELOAD, if not make it an auto-reload. The reload system killed at least 5 times in the game.

4) Music and Sound. Even the most shtty game in the world have some music effect almost everywhere. You game is just dull without music. Bad choice of music for the boss by the way, didn't make me feel as if I'm fighting a "Monstrously Large and Unbeatable Creature that's Gonna Kill Me In A Hit", the music just gives me the impression that a new minion with a longer health is coming after me and I can give it a few blasts from my shotgun to terminate it permenantly.

5) Terrain. It gets boring when the game becomes repetitive, blasting minions of the same terrain for at least 15mins. You get bored after 5mins. After completing round 1-X, going ahead to round 2-X, the player sees the same terrain, same environment misc. placement, he's going to think "Again!? I'm not going to fight some new minions on the same boring terrain"

6) Collision. You don't collide with the minions. Well, that makes the player think "Wow, I don't even exist" and worse of all, the moment you stand on a location with a minion in the same exact location, you get dealt a lot of damage continuously until you move away. Give players the "GOD I'M TRAPPED" feeling. It makes the game exciting.

7) Graphics. The graphics are good. Nicely animated (This may be my only compliment for this game). However, try making the "I'M HIT" effect more dramatic and obvious (noticeable), or players won't even notice that little blood splat coming out from his character, especially the ground is stained red.

8) Gameplay. It is addictive at first but soon it gets boring when all your weapons are maxed out and yet you can't complete the game because there's not enought healthpaks.

Other than these points, I can say that your game is pretty well done. The changing of weapons... well, I don't mind pressing on a key to change it but it would be faster if there were numericals.
For the gameplay I'm giving you a 7.
By the way, since you got achievements, try putting in medals.

Please note that I'm not criticising/ranting/insulting/discour aging your work, just merely giving suggestions and pointing out some factors I noticed. You can ignore them if you want but hey, it's just my point of view.

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HStudios responds:

Before anyone else complains that the enemies don't collide with eachother;
A) Running a loop and Pythagoras theorem on every single enemy to check for a collision between everything else would mean I'd have to run the game with about a third of the enemies to compensate for massive decline in performance.
That said,
Yes, I can code the game completely differently to allow for high performance and the enemies not walking through eachother, but this was made last year sometime and I would have to recode the entire thing to do that using a grid or something similar.. This wasn't meant to be a new release, merely a re-release of a game that a lo of people seemed to love with all of the things they wanted changed on it, well changed.

Reloading - yes, I agree. Again it's back in the day. Evolved since then with my skills.
Sound Effects - finding decent SFX on the internet is virtually impossible nowadays..
Healthpacks - there's no real reason that the healthpacks are dropping less, you just got unlucky, as everything has about an 8%chance to drop one throughout the entire game.
Terrain - yes, I agree it's boring as well.
Music - I honestly couldn't be bothered sitting here for twice as long with my ridiculous upload speed just to give people some lame background music that most people will mute or not notice anyway..

Respawing - I think the penalty for respawning being you having less ammo is fair, especially considering that you can't actually run out of ammo for the handgun. If you don't want to lose ammo, don't die haha. Other than that, it's pretty easy to go to the main menu and play levels 2-5 a few times to stock up on machinegun ammo.

As for some of the reviews below-
Why on earth would you run WITH a fireball in the first place?! Would you chase someone trying to stab you in the street?

And finally, in regards to originality:
WOW. Really. I could not have picked, as I was making this game, that the genre is already quite populated. Thank you very much for that handy bit of information..

As for this review, at least you didn't point out things that were already blatantly obvious to everyone else, or point out things that are due to your idiocy ie. running with a fireball.

Naruto: Ultimate Battle Naruto: Ultimate Battle

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Gameplay is okay

Well, the concept of the game was okay...
Gameplay is fine. It is good and I give you a 7 but it can be improve
The tutorial is very informative and easy for others to pick up the game. Cheers for that.
We all know that Naruto have more than 8 characters, but I'm fine with whatever the game has :D
The combos are fairly easy to deal and it does a pack of damage (especially when you hit opponents to the side) I like your idea of giving characters penalty when they hit the side (It's like Sumo Wrestling match, if you are out of the ring, you are out of the game.)

However, like all games, it is not exactly perfect (but it is normal), so here are some suggestions:

1. I noticed that if you do combos, I don't see any numbers whatsoever coming out. So you can try adding numbers into them (if there are then ignore this suggestion because I did more than 10 combo hits and I don't see it coming out yet. Normally after 2 hits they go "2HITS!")

2. Like most Naruto arcade games, try adding some ninja like moves like teleporting from one place to the opponent's back/rear/front or whatever, substituting yourself into a chunk of wood when you hit on press of button. Something like that, to make the game more challenging.

3. Give the characters more... how do I put this... kick you know? Give the characters one more extra attack button to make combo variations more vast. If not, punching the Normal Attack button gets repetitive after awhile and your game would be boring.

4. Reduce the damage the character recieves when they hit the side, if not it would be too easy to beat the AI (just hitting the guys to sides like what darkknight198 said)

5. Perhaps changing the Single Player mode to Story Mode. Give it a story, to make it more interesting. (Since not most people enjoy looking at cutscenes, add in a skip button)

6. There are only five stages, well it's all random but that's not the point. Try adding bosses.

I'm not sure if they are helpful, but it's just my point of view. I'm not criticising or whatsoever, just giving suggestions.

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Cha0tic221 responds:

I understand, good suggetions. Took some time to read through. lol

Also, I'm not much of an animator as I am a programmer. Programming is my hobby which is why you'll see something interesting coming up later. ^_^

Portal Defenders Portal Defenders

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm firin' mah lazer!!

Lol, fun game and addictive.
Wadolf is hard to beat, especially when you get caught in his LAZER.
Zombies were an annoying bunch too.
By the time I decided to quit playing this game, my fingers were darn tired.

Daytraders of the Dead Daytraders of the Dead

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Very addictive. Nice job! It's quite hard to see the zombies when the floor is full of blood, but soon it gets easier :D

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A Dark Day In Clocktopia A Dark Day In Clocktopia

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It is better off late..

Seriously, take a couple more days and make it better and even it was late, it would be worth the front page and everyone wouldn't mind. If you really wanted to release it 'on time', then I suggest next year. I would give a 5 for effort (I understand the rushed work, but it's really better off 'well done when late' than 'crap when early')

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Youda Legend Amsterdam Youda Legend Amsterdam

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was nice but...

I played games like this before. It is another 'hide-n-seek' game, except this game have much more interaction. Hated the storyline though... it makes players think that this is some sort of wild goose chase like you see on movies or long TV dramas. It would only look good on shows and not in games like this... I presume that it is suppose to be a mystery solving game but then again... doesn't crack people brains. Other than that, it was quite well done (except for the premium part. No one would pay for the full game, there are tons of it on the net)

Semantic Wars Semantic Wars

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Brainy Fun

It is simply brillant :D
A game not only exciting but also creative. It's like hangman but a more strategic version. A good combo would be 1 3 2 (melee, mage, archer)

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